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Eruption awaits the gates of death
Bursting from the womb of torment
Stench of success rises
From the core you're my bloody torture whore

Effortless the walls turn red
The taste the haptic of the dead
Desperation reach for mercy
Cast a shadow in the cemetery lights
I shed my skin to begin the craft of annihilation
The massacre of godliness
The forthcoming of declaration
The truth is clear for those who fear the blade
As the screaming God awaits,
Pestilence of weak humans shall fade

Restless shall the Gods remain
And tolerate the endless flow of pain
I will never lay my saw to sleep
Nihilarian stories are cutting fucking deep

Purgatory cast aside for flesh preservation
Ridicule the running tide of fluid cast from body puncture
Hatred fills the mind of pure blackened
Stains my soul endures
Thoroughly narcotic seeds
The planting of God's rotting seed
I killed myself murdering you

I place my grinder on the floor
Lick what's left of my bloody torture whore
Tongue splits as the knife slits slowly,
I am as the victim calling for mercy to the end
Half eaten, half tortured and beautiful dead

Severed possessed head
Desperation reaches for mercy

You're my torture whore

Bursting from the womb of torment
Cast a shadow in the cemetery

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