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Dead are marching, bitter freedom
Mortals screaming as their flesh is eaten
Nothing's left here, open graves
Yet everything's the same

Die, die, die, die

Choking on repulsive grief
As their families bathe in the guts of children
Powerless to stand their ground
Decomposing, muscles twitching
You are reborn in the purest chaos
Without the colors, only black
A land of misery and death

Die, die, die, die
Embrace your end
Revocation of humankind

The cadence of their tears beneath the carnage
Echoes like a song of systematic murder
Fighting out a kingless war
Where the strongest survive in a sea of violence
Sterilized by mutation

Revocation of humankind
The great damnation

Empty castles, thrones of bloodbath
Misanthropy fuels our genocide crusade

Die, die, die, die

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