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Primitive Killing Machine - text


I have the mind of an animal
Hunger makes me plan my next kill
Lack of empathy destroys my path
I have a craving, I have my free will
No consequence of eating meat from the weak
No sense of guilt inviting flies for meat feast
My teeth are sinking into fresh opened wound
No interrogation follows my nature

Primitive killing machine

Living for the slay
Force-fed the apocalypse
I speak for no one now
I am the one to speak my mind

And lies I will decline

I am the primitive killing machine
Have it all demand no less
Settle for total domain
Leave only emptiness
I spit on the remains or death

I am the primitive killing machine

Empathy destroys my path
Ignoring humane remains
I have the mind of an animal
Hunger makes me plan my next kill
Buried alive in a death-cult sewage
There's a sickening stench
That make you empty your bowels
Fascination builds the lust
My bloodlust, my need to kill
Beyond temptation the beast within rises
Self-cannibalization detached from emotion
Primal instinct wakes to eternal sleep
Your own intestines are caught in your teeth

Primitive killing machine

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