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Every time I kill the public screams for more
Trained to entertain
A bullet through the head, eyes gouged out
Hypocrites ignite
Visionary exhumation
I'm your savior
I pull the trigger and set you free from life
Then mutilate for you all to see
Honesty through vile and cruel incisions
Visions of zealotry
Now I will kill everyone
Everyone who's breathing
There is no reason to feel
Nothing's sacred in my world of hate
Patriotic hatred
My chaotic, patriotic hatred
I'm following my pure intensions to murder
I'm sorry, but you have to die for us all
It's time for reckoning
And I'll be judged by the weak
Politicians, necrophobic cunts, fucking cowards
Hiding precious artwork of my victims agony
Indulge in death, indulge in blood
This path I chose cause I will never deny who I am
Now I will kill everyone
None can stop me

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