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Exoneration Manifesto - text


I stand absorbing the pleading of life in front of me
As darkness rises my body fulfills
My natural needs my purest of deeds
Carving my way through her face
My beautiful victim, drained of emotion
Come to receive, dead eyes staring at me
Empirical destiny-again I succeed

Exoneration manifesto

I access her guts cover my self in blood
The sound of the knife, piercing flesh, piercing skin
Bow to receive lit the killing begin
Call, from the grave forever in damnation
Last victim's blood drips from the blade

Exoneration manifesto

The smell, the sight, the calmness of the kill
It drips from my chin, my creation makes you ill
Tears of agony, taste so good to me
The reaper I was called, finding ways to bury all
Manifesto written in blood, carved in eternity

Screaming for mercy
It all comes down to selfdestruction
Forever in damnation, calling from the grave

Exoneration manifesto

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