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"Love is the strongest magnetic force in the Universe. Love is selfless and free from fear. Love pours and consistantly flows out without demanding any in return, it does not seek or demand. Love is not jealous, it is only healing. It heals life and its creations. The love of self manifests inner strength, enabling us to move forward. Love is the cohesive power of the Universe, love conquers all. With an open heart listen to love's direction. I love that I can create what I desire. I love that I have more than enough. I love that I have friends and family. I love that I believe in myself. I love that I have freewill. I love that I make good choices. I love that I am successful. I love that I have endless opportunities. I love that I have unlimited prosperity. I love that doors are always opening for me now and always. I love that I am powerful. I love that I make a positive contribution. I love that my supply is infinite."

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