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Though Christ we are all saved
By His blood our hearts are cleansed
This is the key to salvation
And to accept it is the first step to the kingdom of God
But I soon learned that it takes so much more
The repercussions of my past quickly came to haunt me
Addictions and violence and lust I had committed overwhelmed me all at once,
tempting and pulling me further and further away from you oh my God
And i began to question of God really cared, and as I fell back into my sinful past I assumed that he was never there,
But I soon learned that it takes so much more
Satan will tempt those who strive towards God promising them things within world
A new life in Christ begins a journey
I had learned this was only the start
Put to death impurity and evil desires
And I soon learned that it takes so much more
God had not Ran from me, instead I Ran from him
But God never gave up, and I was renewed through knowledge in Christ
I was a failure, but He helped me overcome
For anyone born from God can overcome this world

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"Once More, With Feeling"

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