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March of the Swan Elite - text

Don't ever let us in,
cause we must keep you out
We'll sink the needle in until you'll shut your crooked mouth
You want a flood? <<Moore blood!>>
Says the rocket queen
No need to wake me 'cause I love to live this robot dream

Ahh Watch the deathgame at play
yeah, you've got bills to pay
If you'll extinguish
I may maybe might let the dancing of death be a quick one tonight
I'll know my blade will reign in beauty, blood and pain. If you stop slandering
You've maybe got some days to gain.
You think I'll stop? <<Guess not>>
'cause you are going down
Show me some courtesy and lay down in this lake to drown!

I will part all their flesh from their bones
and set them free from the sticks and the stones.
Hear them calling, bleeding, kneeling, searching guidance, money, meaning
You blood p____ are making me sick!

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