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Don't live your life with compromise
Seeing the truth that's in disguise
Waking yourself, open your eyes
And only then you'll recognise
Wasting your life, the time just flies
Linked to the past, Eternal ties
But when you lie the future dies
Then you will see it's all just lies
Look to the skies, it's time to rise!
Protect yourself, word to the wise
Taking the lows, as well as highs
Dodging around, avoid the knives
Then you can claim the final prize
Breaking the chains, we have to try
Listening close, you'll hear the sighs
Seeing what dirty money buys
Cos only then you'll see the lies
Look to the skies, it's time to rise!
Listening to all the rhetoric,
Something about taking your pick
Cos all around pollution's thick
As you can see, the World is sick
Extinction comes, the clock just ticks
Enough is enough, it's took the kicks
A fragile mosaic is Nature's trick
And we must learn to save it quick
Look to the skies, it's time to rise!
Rise, Rise, Rise, Rise

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