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Come along children,
Now we're going to have a little music,
Like old times
Straight out the gate
This is our story we're scripting
Our film, our glorious vision.
Our sound, our score that is written
In this sport, This division
My my, how the tournament's risen
Shit, everybody wants to soar in an instant.
Everybody wants to be the Lord of the Ring wins
We laid dormant and listened
Hit ignition
Tore up the system
Elevate, accelerate and demonstrate
Live the dream and keep the horns to the mission
The formula's mixing
To fire the engine up and bring the force to the pistons
Never say never
Whenever together we give and go with the flow flipping like Jordan and Pippen
Slam the points home
Insight a war to ignite the board,
Wipe the floor with the notes that we write,
And hold down with a mic to strike a chord
And then they can hear that thunder with the hooves,
When we come with the hunger of the wolves
They were warned and the red flag flew,
And his crewed cracked through,
It's the running of the bulls
Today, we are together,
Whenever we come together,
The writers write,
The cameras roll,
Because together we got power,
That's just ?
I said ay yo, I'mma lay my tracks down,
I'm that freight train tearing through the sky in the clouds.
I said ay yo, watch this hail mary fly,
Keep on runnin' keep on gunnin' with this fire in my eyes.
And I'm sky high, I'm sky high. Yeah, welcome to the time of my life
I'm sky high, I'm sky high, yeah, welcome to the time of my life
[Verse 2: Eso]
Sun, rain, snow or hail, we never got lost in the storm
And you best to respect that you never really know what you've got 'til it's gone
And a monster was born, with a want to explore
Life's roughest weather, but we know the code so we stuck together, yeah
And as life unravels, my mind's what fights my battles
I rhyme like lightning travels, think quick, how you like them apples
Cuz I'm ready as I'll ever be, my head is in the melody, I'm flying now
Each feather is so heavenly, the energy of seven seas couldn't tie me down, bitch
So no fucking around dumb cunt, one jump and I'm up in the clouds
Trying to make that moment last, on a beat like Heath in a Joker mask
Which means, don' change that dial
Could've, would've, should've, just ain't our style
Shit, we got things to build
If your luck's low just know your wings are real
[Verse 3: Nas]
I'm so ill in my timeless timepiece
I keep a dime piece in arm's reach
Keep it 1000
From the housing projects I found my niche, you better find yours
I used to run with a lot of crime lords
Ramadan taught me use my mind more
Though I'm not religious
Nas y'all, just the realist
My imminent, conspicuous, synonym, sincere, rhyme and flow
Developed some images up in your mind bro
I survived continuing criminal enterprises that surrounded me
Innocent, no exaggeration
I don't pimp my past, I don't brag, no faking
My apartment had some break-ins
I'm thinking my past is worse than today is
That's when Biz Mark came with the vapours
It was anarchy, live in a heartbeat
Of the city that never sleeps
Niggas will gas you up to handle their beef
Peep game, you're dead if you don't think fast enough
We keeping it way street
And my god, I feel alright
And my god, I feel alright, hey
And my god, I feel alright
And my god, I feel alright, hey

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