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The Morning Sun of Dune
The Morning Sun of Dune

[lead: Andre]

The holy war's
waiting for
the morning sun [3x]
The morning sun of Dune
there's no tomorrow
the apparation of this land and it's dream
makes me feel I've seen it before
I can taste there's life
everywhere you can find
in the desert of my life
I see it again and again

[lead: Andre]

And again, again, again, again
dark tales have brought the Dijahd
like whispering echos in the wind
and I'm a million miles from home

Traveler in time
knowing that there's no rhyme

The morning sun is near
first light of dawn is here
the morning sun is near again
The Fremen sing that
their kingdom will come
and I'm the leading one
battlefields on our crusade
filled with Sardokaurs
killing machines crying
in raising fear they're hiding
Where do we go now?
So where is the way?
When I'm a million miles from home


The morning sun I feel
all pain and sorrow
the apparition of my words in these days
makes me feel I've told them before
all my plans will come true
I'll control destiny
in the desert of my life
I've seen it again and again

By my dreams I must find the way
to stop the raging war
I've to choose now
I will leave
my body and see
and time will stand still
when I have to leave
my body and find
a way back to the world I love
when I'm a million miles from home


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