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Tragedy of Empty Streets - text


Now buldings are starting to fall
Bricks beginning to break
Your steps are leaving cracks in the sidewalks
Leaving trails of empy streets
And I''m going blind from staring at your eyes
Because they release the fire of a thousand suns
But I''ve grown so numb that I can barely shed a tear
Even if you cut the strings that hold my head up
You''re pulling the teeth
Ripping flesh so you can lick the blood from your fingers
So break my bones taste my skin
Let my death sing the end of it
So you can do no more damage
So you collect no more trophies
Let me be the last let no one feel how I feel
This tragedy began with me
So let it end with me
From your hell I''ve become this numb
I wish this pain on no one
Behind your smile
Beneath your lungs
I hope your darkness comes
This tragedy began with me
So let it end with me
I tried to be what you wanted me to be
and I''m sorry that I can never be perfect for you
But every time I look in the mirror
I see your eyes starring right back at me
And I don''t want it anymore
I hope you''re fucking happy

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