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The Weaker One - text


Right now, it's easy to see
This is not the way this was ever meant to be
These days turn to dust
As your words crumble in my ear
This makes no sense to me

You have become a shadow to me
Walking along the outskirts of my mind
This was never my intentions
I thought that this one would last forever

Gasping for air and the space to inhale
As you bled me dry surrounding me every move

These tables have turned and you have become
The weaker one
Day in day out, you are clutching to these memories

Look out your window, watch the world pass by
It's called life
When the fuck will you realize
That there is nothing you can do
But make the best of it

This is the dawning of a new age
A new chapter in my life
And this is just the beginning of my journey

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Bleed From Within texty

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