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Smoke, lead and cannonballs, flies all around us
Ordered to march along, straight into their lines
Visions are blurring out, hearing is lost
Are we now entering the pearly gates above

Like an eternity, dreaming of home
When suddenly something appears in the dark
Smiling at me, reaching my hand
Taking me back into the cold reality

Lost, and crawling in the dirt
Among soulless corpses around
My brothers are gone
And soon so will I

These lands belongs to the damned
when I reach for life through the blood of the fallen
There's no souls to be found
Will I stay in hell or run to find my way

Hunted by musketeers, marching behind me
Shooting behind my back, it never seem to stop
Asking for guidance from lord of heavens
All of my prayers remain without a sign

Wake up, in this hell, from my dying sleep
There's no more room for me, the reaper sent me back to earth

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Hymns of Triumph and Death

Blazon Stone texty

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