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Where are you
You said my truth must be this
Decided dictated for me be you
I’m denied I am cold this ghost whispers loud
From a shadow in the ruin of a mind on his own

Where are you
You said in space between space
There will be an answer waiting for me
Will I know it’s from you there are no words or sounds
From the shadow should I whisper prayers I don’t believe

Can you see the future from where you are now
Can you see the truth of what you’ve done to me
Remembering the mornings and each dawn of shame
The rising sun did not shine our sins away

Here I am
Here I am
Here I am where are you
The force guiding the stars you and me too
What is life what is man do you think you can choose
Beyond words beyond thought I’m connected to you

Here I am
Here I am
Your work of anger
Here I am

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