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I was living far in the future then
Always thinking two or three moves ahead
I did not see that everything I needed
was right in front of me
Precious moments that I let pass me by
I was focused on what became a lie
Everything I missed, all of those tears of joy
that I will never cry

Life goes on

So I’m standing, inside I'm broken down
And I'm walking but I just don't know how
I’m trying not to look too far ahead
and not live in the past
Now I’ll take it, whatever you can give
I will be here, this moment’s where I’ll live
Tomorrow may not come and even if it does
I know she won’t be there

Life goes on

And it doesn't stop for anything or anyone
And I get the feeling that I'm being dragged along
It’s not right or wrong but it is always true
And it just doesn't matter what I'm going through
And even though I'm on my knees and begging it to stop
The world still turns and life goes on

Text přidal 013Mat

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