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I've made some bad choices I have failed more than once
I have taken chances even when they did not come
I was here at the beginning I will be here at the end
when I got strong I got lucky till my strength ran out again.
with your values of fear and deceit
your self important impotent way of life decrees
that every one should worship you
down on bended knees

I have risen up from the ashes of my own defeat
my family my friends and my fans were calling me
It seemed like a voice from a half remembered forgotten dream
I thought it was over, but over's not what it seems
Your hedonistic head on a stick
is what I would pay real money to see on live TV
With some friends from Texas would laugh with me
at you the pale and impaled

You haven't faced what I've faced
You haven't fought what I've fought
You haven't been on the floor
and tried to come back for more
You haven't lost what I've lost
You haven't won what I've won
You haven't been where I've been
You haven't done what I've done

unless you lived how I lived
unless you did what I did
you think you know who I am
just by looking at me
You judge me

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The King Of Metal

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