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I'm here to fight for my life
For my beliefs fight for my truth
Get up again after each fall
I won't surrender I won't give in
Going through hell keep going on
Keep moving forward to find my home
Each single day I will push on
I won't let this break me no turning back.
Don't need to eat don't need to sleep
I won't back down I won't retreat
This day is mine, and I won't be bullied or beaten,
Say what you want I won't change my mind
I've paid my dues this is my right
It was mine once now here I am to take it back.
Say to yourself
You are a fighter
Fighting on and on against all the odds
Standing on your own against the world
You are a fighter
Fighting for your life
Never giving in
Whatever it takes you must survive.
Get up
Get up one more time
Get up just one more time than you fall
They think you can't win
They are not perfect and they are not God
Try to believe that you can survive this
Want it as much as you want to breath
Defy everyone who writes you off
Say to yourself I am a fighter
and get up on more time.

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