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When night comes down
Dark recoils from its frozen embrace
Hidden nightmares disappear and creatures escape
The Moon dies in agony, whisper meanwhile…
The Sun uses its power as
Father of fire feeding up his hate...
Dark hates Light but Dark is old and was tied
From its cold territory
Dark wants to touch the spirit of Light
Wants to be filled by the Holy flame to fill her warm light.
Only universe force them to eternal fight
Judge between good and evil
Lied in his ancestral throne
No rules this time
Suddenly, in an impossible line of time Dark appears
I watched you! Desire your embrace, came with me, together as a unique eternity…
Light rebels against the communion and begins to shine as intense as a thousand of Suns…
Fuck Light! I’d to stay in calm with universe, I want a peaceful live
You can’t hurt me ‘cause I’m the gear of destruction!!
Obscure Aurea Celestium!!!

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Obscure Aurea Celestium


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