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Night frees her majestic creature of the abyss…
Last ray of light turn off, chaos starts…
The Moon, goddess of cold blood
flame-reborn and its insatiable thirst
stroking the gray clouds
His breath sounds in the mountains
His greatness shows its power
while the hidden sun sleeps
His light attracts in the darkness
shed blood, his vice
the moon worships with lust
rotting prayers to heaven
offers worship your blood and
You’ll be an ally in her torment
She doesn’t rest, she returns every night
observes the servers, in violation of the immaculate
The devil is alive for their eyes
biblical slag is digging his grave
I can see the crown of satan
later the red moon rises
nailed are spins
My Soul Has Been seduced.
His eyes fixed on mines
I feel how evil grows
I strecht His Hand
full of hate, i obey His will.
keep your eyes on my eyes
I feel the evil growing in me
a blood-covered moon guide me
full of hate, I obey His will.
Sustained by chaos forgotten That Get close.
Its Time of the majestic red moon

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