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Fox chase - text


Howdy folks, this is your old buddy Shorty Medlocke
I'd like to tell you about an old bunch of fox hounds I got
Ole Ring, an Ole Tige and Ole Rover
And when we start out across them Georgia hills a-huntin'
And them foxes sound something like this

(Harmonica)…Ooooh, ooh, ooh, git it sic em, catch it
(Harmonica)…Get em Ring. (Harmonica) …Ooooh, ooh, ooh

Ahhh, Lets crank it up now

Well I got in my pickup, my old forty ford
Had my snake skins on, and my black hat choked, and I was ready to stroll
And I crossed over into Jackson, said to my friend brother do you want to go
Lord are you so slow, We'll be out doing the fox chase just
Like so many times before

I dropped a glass of tea and Gomez De, Charlie said we're right on time
Gonna bring me black jack some one on one and maybe just a little bit of wine
We got pretty Miss Lucy bring your live gun she's already to go
Baby, baby ain't too slow, we'll be out doing the fox chase
Just like so many times before


Well, free as a breeze, do what we please without a care in the world
Just a dollar of gas, a one night of romance, were looking for that girl
Well now, somebody call a doctor, sick on my knees,
Don't think I'll be able to go, Then again, I don't know,
But I'll be out doing the fox chase just like so many times before

Oh, I'm seeing them foxes

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Blackfoot texty

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