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Songbird weeping in the distance
The trees were combed by a lonely breeze
You knew your enemies were guiding
And still you followed them to here
There's no reason to deny it
Look around you and you'll see
How the angels killed the mercy
Now it's a garden of sin
So take your grandma's sleeping pills
And one by one swallow them
Open your dad's secret drawer
And take the gun, take it out
Ask your loved one to come over
And when she comes, shoot her down
We're all on God's waiting list
Here in the garden of sin
Welcome to the icy world
Modern tears, final curtain
The whistle of your death
In your ears, soon it will be over
Icy world, modern tears, final curtain
The whistle of your death in your ears
Soon it will be over
Garden of sin
Garden of sin
Garden of sin

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