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Running Through Time - text


A young man will follow his heart
into lonely and blue
He'll kick like a mule at the thought
of being told what to do
An old man's just trying to
keep himself out of the way
He's seen it all and said all
that there is to say

There is a line
Running through time

A young man will try to chase
every new sunrise away
heartache is harder for him
in the bright light of day
An old man will hold it and
touch it and shine it with care
he knows how lucky he is just
see it was there

There is a line
Running through time

There's a line through the middle
a line that you cross
a part that you finish if you don't
get lost
some just get tired of that same old routine
some wind up lucky and gracefully
stuck in between

There is a line
Running through time

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Text opravila Maribel

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