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I can’t get the music up as loud as I want
I can’t play a big enough honky tonk
Can’t find a whiskey glass that’s quite tall enough
or that extra gear in my old truck
I’m restless baby
If I had the perfect woman I’d want twins
can’t get enough ink under my skin
I’ll burn the carton when my smokes are all through
can’t kick enough ass in these old boots
Cause I’m restless
I’m sleepless
on this quest I must go
out here searchin’
for somethin’
what it is I don’t know
might have to find it under my headstone
yes I’m restless
and I won’t rest till the restless is gone
Can’t ride enough miles in that old bus
ain’t a man in charge that I ain’t cussed
I broke the law until it’s plum busted up
how high is Heaven? I hope it’s high enough

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