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Well excuse me baby
what in the world is goin' on?
got an earful of trouble
when I called you on the telephone
Well you're screamin' and a cryin'
bitchin' how bad you been used
well I ain't got nothin for you
now I'm strappin’ on my travelin' shoes

I ain't got nothin' for you
I ain't got nothin' for you
don't stand there with your hand out honey
I ain't got nothin' for you
I ran into your mama
at the bar last Saturday night
the last thing I'd ever want to do
is not to treat you right
she's been tellin' every body in town
I'm the one you need
well my tracks out of the driveway'll
be the last thing you see of me


I can’t shut you up
I can’t shut you down
I can’t shut you off
you’re still around

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Bad luck ain't no crime

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