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When it's Over - text


We’re dreaming if we think we’re more than seeming to
Want the things we wanted then but only now
Without me or you
I’m not pretending
that this is everything and ending
We can go to hell if that’s where we want to go
But why would you?

I hear what my heart sings ; it’s over ……. not over
We made it
Why would we pull it apart?

When we remember
Holding hands before the altar
Slipping the white dress from your shoulders
To let it fall like virgin snow

I hear what your heart sings; it’s over…not over
We made it
How could we pull love apart?

Sweetheart everything’s colder when you’re gone
And in starting over the longer it takes me pushes the answers further away
Don’t say it’s over until you know what’s wrong
‘Cause it’s not over until it’s really gone
it’s never over
until it’s over

it’s over

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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