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a good friend to me said love can be
the thing that keeps you close to love but still not loving
it holds you to the things you say
when all you want is to run away
and hide

and there’s a place I go
a bit part in the monkey show
the lover in the leading role
the villain singing dark and low
that she knows, she knows
she knows what it’s like to be the hurting kind

and standing in the bitter wind
feel it like a blade drawn across my skin
and then she says: why don’t I guess,
what could you want that I have left?

another soundtrack fades to blue
can’t fade the real thing, face the truth
the lover in a monkey suit
with singing eyes don’t dim but shine
i know, I know, I know what it’s like
to be the hurting kind

and standing in the wings you don’t see everything
a king without a throne, a king without a crown
a king without a queen to throw his arms around
a king without a place a queen without a face
but the hurting kind

and half hidden by the shadows I
move before the rolling tide

Text přidal DevilDan

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