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Showered with offers at twenty one
By the age of twenty-two she is nearly long gone
They keep calling her the heir to the rock and roll crown
Man it weighed so heavy it was dragging her down
Wants it ‘til she’s got it then tries to run away
A hunger so deep it can never go away
No way to fill it, to turn down the dial below the limit
If she could only stop from crying

She says I love him, he’s the kind to be clever with
I’m ready, maybe soon make it better
She’s wanted him for so long she’s forgotten how it goes
This is the history of rock and roll

All fogged up can’t even see to drive
A ’44 magnum on the passenger side
Pops a tablet for the cramping but it just won’t fade
She starts hearing things he used to say;
To love you is to surrender, it’s the need to lose
To want to step inside a kind of raging feud
Between the sea and the sky, my head and my heart
And choosing which of them is tearing me apart

He says I want her, want her so much I can taste her
When I’m sleepi she’s the scale of the ether
How much is it worth if it is free I just don’t know
This is the history of rock and roll

Haunted by images, the planet’s turning
The sun going down on Mississippi burning
Only darkness has the power to make her open up her heart
And play it to the world as though they were only tears
For crying

We want the future
Maybe soon maybe never
When we’re ready…but we act like we hate it
How much is it worth if it is free we’ll never know
This is the history of rock and roll

Text přidal DevilDan

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