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am I the only one strung out and smiling at your shadow?
and when I dream it’s always you, in
black seams and touching up your lipstick
oh and it’s alright, I’m free
I can stay all night (with you)

I’m hungry I can’t sleep: I’d ride the breath out of an angel
no cure and no relief
until you’re here, a part of my reality
and it’s all right, I’ll say please
come and stay all night

I may be much that is wrong with you
but right now I want you with my heart and my soul
and I would wait but it takes so long, so long
come to me, come to me

my star my saving grace
you hit the stupid bit inside of me
and unsure, I smile in case
i change my mind
and then I’d have to lie to you
that it’s all right with me
cause I want you all night
with me, me

so come to me, come to me

there may be much that is wrong with me
I’m outsize and rusted in my heart and my soul
but I’m here and waiting but it takes too long
much too long

Text přidal DevilDan

Smoke Up Close (as Colin Vearncombe)

Black texty

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