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He played the six string and he lived rock and roll
And all of his friends said that he's lost control
Just running around 'cause his life had no goal
Just the music to keep to his soul
He played his own music by picking the chords
Put all of his feelings in rhymes and some words
He played it so loud for who wanted to hear
The story of a man and his fear
He travelled the world and he went everywhere
In every old town he played on the square
His music to him was like an affair
A love from which he tasted his share
Now the six strings they are playing no more
The crowd was cheering for a final encore
But the artist has died when he hit the floor
They won't hear his music no more
Though the artist is dead, his music will live
And that's really all that he wanted to give
And some day will come when they will forgive
The way the artist has lived

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