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Now you see it now you don't
Singin straight to you right out front
When we're not on stage we're everday
Some don't dig our gig
But to us our life is trippy

Our eyes ere' on you, our ears can hear you
So watch what you say, we know how you
We know how you cheat our people today

Now you woman how I wonder
If your love for me while ridin mystic

Can love the simple man down under
But there's only one way to work it out
And let's do it over yonder

Oh if I could get my hands
On one that understands
The ecstasy you see can be
The agony of the inner man

Our eye ere' on you, our ears can hear you
So watch what you say
We're just lookin
Fer some good home cooking
And a woman that looks pretty

Text přidala Maribel

Video přidala Maribel

If an angel came to see you

Black Oak Arkansas texty

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