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Let The Night Reign Supreme - text

that which riseth before me
and pry forth
the form from obscurity

the presence of thy grandeur
manifest in me
draws from me the longing
and grants the sight to see

Hear me awakened spirit
release, unleash
thy magnificence
that your seed may prosper
beneath the sway of
thy shadow

Let the Night Reign Supreme
and bring forth the beast

Let the Night Reign Supreme
and bring forth the beast
darkness thou art my light
The end and beginning of time

I beg (I pray) I implore thee
unparalleled phantom of darkness
I call upon the spirits of the earthbound dead
that glide with noiseless tread

thy omnipotence illuminates life
usurping the realm of light

spirits of the trees and air
of heat and fire, cold and ice
elect of all the devilish host
send hither thy phantom clad in grey

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