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Ecce Lupus, Ecce Bestia - text

I am transformed
into thy servant
silhouetted by the shadows of night
endowed with your malevolent power

behold darkness hear thy son
I am become beast
my soul breathes at its release
thus I arise to this epoch
in which my faustian soul feasts

I am predator
amidst a herded prey

I am pure
I am what was to have been
unfettered, unchained
by moral restraint

I am thy weapon
to strike fear into man, timid beast and reptile
so that they may not seize the grey one
nor tear from him his hide

I am now one with myself
given freedom to the creature within
and view the world with eyes of one once dead
transfigurarique in lupum

I have become one
thy agent of earthly form
a vessel of thy force

devil devourer of creations kin
what long ago was seen as monster
shall walk again
among the worlds of men

I am he, the great grey shape

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