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Tomorrowland - text


See the wizard cast his spell
Now the magic has began
Hear the demons calling
To the chosen messiah

At the toll of the bell
Conspiracy's betrayed
As the phoenix flies over
A new horizon has began

Whispering shadows speak the last command
Yesterday's tomorrow will come to an end
We'll wait for tomorrowland

They will gather in the dark
And united work as one
To another mystery of the first prophecy

Come again mighty bringer of life
Shield them from evil ways
Catch the rainbow reverse the spell
A new journey will await

All that they've ever seen
Their visions and dreams
Collide into one
Break them free from their chains
To find their own way
Back to the age of Aquarius

Now with victory in sight
Memories are left behind
As the darkness will
Rise to a brand new dawn

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