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Saw you staying up all night
Sitting waiting for the light
That you may never see
Now that your back is to the wall
In this suffocating fear
There's shadows crawling underneath your skin
Like a river watch it flow
Time is running out the door
Now close your eyes just once and forever
You're saying no
Can you really live forever?
And so it goes
Can you really live forever?
Eternal life you cannot choose
Mortal men is what we are
If you walk in the fire
The fire will burn
Still you sit and contemplate
About eternity your fate
Never realising there's only one

Letting go may be the hardest thing you'll face
So make it sure you live your life to the fullest

One life for everyone
Yes it was given so enjoy
One life for everyone
It's not just you
One life for everyone
Who in the hell you think you are?
It's not just you

Text přidal DevilDan

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