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Into The Black - text


Lost in myself once again
An angel falls, the devil walks, there's no inner peace
Look at me you're lost at sea
Circling eternally
Come and help me from this insanity

I'm wearing my disgrace
I hate to see your face
I want to see you drown in your sorrow

You know, I know I'm not the same
I'm fading away, I'm falling into the black
I know that you know we're the same
We're fading away, we're falling into the black

Looking at me through your eyes
My own reflection staring back at you, you're afraid
Now the sea has calmed I'm eased
I have found eternity
Time for you to help yourself from insanity

No need to feel disgraced
Still hate to see your face
No need to see you drown in your sorrow

It lets you see, lets you believe
You're hearing what you hear
Nothing's ever what it seems
We're falling into the black

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