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Born as the slayer
He was caught between two worlds
Hunger's the fire
And the passion fuels his cause
Killing was life
And life was made just for the kill
His slumber broken
He was woken let the blood reign begin
Circling its prey with talons poised
He's hunting for the fight
Not hungry for your life
Sights are set on you
Ready to strike
Hail the god of war
Mercenary from above
Unforgiven devastation
He's been brought back from the grave
Hail the god of war
Heart of ice and eyes ablaze
He's the master of destruction
Glance and never be the same
Hail the god of war
The night is burning
As the creature takes to flight
There's no objective
That's considered wrong or right
No mercy will be shown
No mercy for the weak
Annihilation certain
Run for cover flea the slaughter

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