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Emptiness Ideal - text


The masterplan unveiled
To reign its hell on earth
And bring its terror
See them on their knees before him
The darkness will enshroud
The sinners and the saints
Bring deliverance
Suffocating into madness

At this point of no return
At a time when light will fade
There is really no escape
I feel fear inside me

In this hellish cavalcade
At the apocalypse of time
We've killed God
And laid law to emptiness ideal
In this maniacal idea
We have implicated fear
We killed faith
And laid law to emptiness ideal

We wanted to be Gods
So on our wings we flew
Revengeful angels falling on the earth in anger
Now hear the cry of man
Repenting all their sins
From paradise we've fallen
To become unholy

Text přidal DevilDan

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