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So here we are
Caught between the fantasy
Reality of life
I can't see a rainbow rising anymore
Footprints that were left into this sand
Where's the wind that sweep the land?
At the calm before the storm

I will not fade
I won't retract into my lonely shelter
And even though
That I've been lost and confused for a while
You will not find me shading my skin in pales of grey
And in my darkest day
That's where I find life
That's where I'm at

Tell me we're not at the cross roads end
Time has been fading now that I realised
The game that we all played
Now that we stand at the crossroads end
I won't be grounded
Just gotta find the will to fly again

Scars that I'm wearing barely they're healing
Facing the rise and fall
Man in the mirror has no regrets
He cannot swallow rage
And in my darkest days
That's where I find life
That's where I'm at

Text přidal DevilDan

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