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Beyond Reality - text

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Through eyes filled with wonder I see a
world behind
The Ferris wheel of life that I am riding on
In search for its answer truth it seems to disappear
Hoping to find solace in the things I know are real
[Pre Chorus]
Can I be freed from the torment in my mind?
Walking away
Can I leave it all behind
Can I find comfort in the fact that I'm not sane?
Look towards the future in a pessimistic way
Beyond reality life in question
Can there be more than we see
Beyond reality dividing moments
Testing our faith in what we believe
Look beyond the picture right there in front of you
Things are much deeper now if you dare to take a look
Shifting through dimensions of another time and place
So set your mind free
To express its willingness
[Pre Chorus]
The picture is clearer it is behind you now
Things are not deep as you would have once
Shifting dimensions you found the
time and place
You've let your mind free
to express its willingness
[Pre Chorus]

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