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As the new day begins and her eyes have been burnt by the sun
there's a gathering watching her burn for what she has done
there is anger in their mouth for people to cry out its name
she's demonic diabolic can you not see her in her flames
save yourself the preacher said
come to meet your maker
see the reaper have his way
now that your soul has been cast in the deepest of hell
they have burnt you, hung you and drowned you
I'd rather find a better way to go
there are many ways to die so this one is for you
I hope I find a better way to die
they're preparing the noose he's the killer, believer of pain
for the justice he must hang until his last breath will fade
is that a smile that I see or the twitching of pain on his face?
as he's swinging and hanging the crowd walks away with relief
you're immersed deep in water your feet have been tied you've been anchored to drown
only memories have surfaced reminding of what has been done
with this death you've been cleansed of the blood that you've spilt mercilessly
your repayment by your kind is what you deserve honestly

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