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Ripping through a womb, blood filled, rotting stench -
I awaken to the thoughts of devouring -
Of serpent and dragon blood -
Embodied with the spirit of the wolf -
Awake, from the pits arise -
To go forth in devouring passion -
Thirsting for life eternal - I coil and raise up -
Striking the sleeper by spirit -
Tearing into the aura, drinking divinity -
I will consume all until I am god -
Ripping through the womb, birth by self love -
No longer be held in a rotting tomb -
Blood coursing through my veins -
Keeping decay sleeping in twilight dreams -
Spider-like talons scratching on your window -
Open and receive - Away from the light -
Darkness my cloak of sanctuary -
I ascend in shadow by the light of the moon -
Drinking... devouring...

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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