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Unclean Spirit - text


Unclean spirit enter them - We are many, legion - We are filith, of blackest earth - We awake in the bloat of corpses - The fly which is our form - Legion to whom nothing stands - Within a hatred you cannot understand - I want to enter your flesh, become one - Unless you resist, then to drink down your soul - Night and day, no rest just torment - Cut yourself in my name - There are many who offer blood to my cult - For they cannot understand a deeper meaning - I require not sacrifice no bent knee - Rather defiance as the spirit from which I am - We breathe pestilence into the cowering peasant - Who will never be of us - All of my abominations shall defile this earth - And create it again in my image - In one hand I hold heaven - And in the other Hell - Can you see the mark between my eyes - My flesh may perish but my spirit lives on

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Black Funeral texty

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