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The Stooping Dragon of Chaos - text

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The eternal fall
Piercing dragon rushing down
Entering the abyss
Illuminate the darkness with fire
The heads of Choronzon
Red Dragon, crowned
Infernal dominion
Eden devoured to nothingness
Seven Heads, Ten Horns
Devour all life born
Lucifer, fiery redeemer
Ascend upward to make sheep desolate
The Dragon-mouth opened
Curse the weakness of Eden
Give the Infernal Waters of Daath
Piercing and Crooked Serpent...behold Leviathan!
Blackened Light of the Abyss
Entering the ruins
Temple of the Black Flame
Hearken to the calls of Choronzon
Infernal Adversary
Arise to our invocations
Ancient Spirit of illumination
Lord of Chaos
Many bestial forms
Ancient Serpent coiling
I become now the devouring dragon
Flesh and spirit are one!
Form Daath I enter the world of flesh

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