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Thaumiel - The Deepest Hell - Kether (Satan -.. - text


Of storm and adversarial darkness
Fires devastating, torment of the sightless
Unbound by the wolf spirit cutting deep in the flesh
A rape of inversion, perversity

Crowned on the Tree of Death
Thy poison your cup of sensatory awakening
Wrathful incisions, the worms are growing inside me
The ??? is breaking from pressure
Immolated passion, serpent eyes form
Opening through something dead and buried

Two faces too many
Taking turn to devour Gods
Those defied for passionless sacrifice
Giving To something which will never grant rest

In chaos born ascension go I fall as the brightest star
My twin born of fire and smoke
In this Shahet, a hell of Supernals
I can see more crime and the torment of angels who failed
To bring down the Eye of Darkness, from which those who think separate
One hell to another, casting down angels, burning with rage

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