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I shall enter the depths of hell - Descending into underworld bliss - When the serpent awakens within - My spirit has been set free - When the body of light is encircled in its shadow - Casting darkness upon all around it - No limitations the flesh is entombed but spirit awakes - Bound by my circumference in a circle of shadow - Breathing the blood of the ancient in my flesh - I open my eyes, burning light, the source - My angelic nature unfolding into the beast - I affirm the mind of Ahriman - Serpents rise from my flesh - Tiamat before me - Chaos stirs within - I ensorcel my spirit to the flesh of draconis - My thirst for life grows fervent - In the halls of the 7th hell does the serpent arise - Shall I be now the father of serpents - To exist beyond the halls of the dragon

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Black Funeral texty

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