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Of Ravening Wolves - text


Daughters of Lilith, mother of predators
Bride of the serpent, whose breathe gave us life
Whose instinct is a sharpened blade
Dancing across the flesh of your desire
Do not preserve them from Lilim, those of our faith
Emerging from the womb of our darkened mother
To drink deep of the sleeping
Relive again the ecstasy
Of first tasting the blood of the sleeper
And racing deep in their heartbeat
To steal away all life
Does strength come to you
Sisters who devour souls?
Would you embrace my mightly visage
And sip from the throat of God?
Breed more shadows from such desires?
No more breathing light worshippers
Can be spared from their duty
To serve the strong and cunning fair
We seek the ocean still
The abyssic abode of Leviathan
That which swallows up human life
And feeds the awakening beast
Gather around the mother in a circle
From which she rises up through us
Ardat Lili, we are one
Ardat Lili, we are legion

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