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Nihilist - Lord Sathanas Returns - text


Let the shadowa becloud my configuration
all is seen as a specter
from the night of Pan (in which I will dwell)
brings an order to the casual world

from a desert, deep within the tombs of our kind
I have become will to conquer once again
to bestow my law
time forever passes (blood still pours)

I enter my homeland, the forests, caves and mountains...
to rule again within my ascendant's domain...
slowly, I will lacerate the white body of an enchantress
and experience the flesh in all it's alumnus pleasure

Through the Red Dragon, our blood of Nachttoter,
through the Black Order of the Dragon to build the
Empire of Blood
As the nocturnal drus awake my restful visage
I descend from a sinister gray castle
to venerate the severed flesh, still so ripe...

The wolf comes to the surface (of my will)
Fenrir unleashed, a leather-like cloak made of human
carrion will glide into the night
to reside in our Empire of Blood...

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Empire of Blood

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