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Mummu Chaos - text


Whoever shall drink of my blood - Shall have eternal life - I have emerged from the Abyss - Vomited my blood into your wanting mouth - Shown you desire in the name of the Beast - Enter my gates which reveal the serpent's throne - I breed dragons beneath my flesh - Cloaked in night burning lust - Scaled in the time worn strains of the Adversary - Breeding war and unrest - Kiss me deep Mother of Serpents - And let your blood drain into my mouth - Tiamat, who devours and blesses a waking world - Your children born of Kingu's blood - Shadowed enraptured serpent entwined - Beneath the scythes blade do we reside - Unending, partaking of the divine - Gazing forever within the reflection of the beast - I have become upon the altar of Lilith - When the moon does not shine - Darkness surround, cast down - I arise in thy flesh - Blood a fountain of spilt life - Whose own land craves cleansing - Beast forlorn lead them to the slaughter - I hate this world of human overpopulation - Raise them up for the feast - Chaos awakened storm summoned bane - Where flesh seeks no end - Drink of my blood and know eternal life

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Black Funeral texty

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