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Hell of Sathariel - Binah (Lucifuge Rofocale .. - text


Sathariel, whose darkness is encircled in a semalance of light
Emerge, command and become
I invoke the force of the encircler, to hide the wolf
In the skin of the wolf
That I may go for ento them, consuming the unsuspecting

In darkness I truly hide, the serpent unseen
That they shall know the face which is different
By ways of magick born a blackened flame of illumination
Bringing forth the flames of eternal life

Encircled, gathered in darkness unchained
As wolf ravaging in the cold of night
Death is rising through me
To be a taloned tear against the face of God

Rising up, ascending poisoned angel
A sky lit in the war against the blinding light
Those not illuminated from within
Lawlessness, cut down the cross of sickness

Lucifuge, Angel of Darkness
Fly agains the light

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